Rajaji National Park

Welcome To Rajaji National Park

Close to the cities, but presenting a wild serenity that is exhilarating. That’s the appeal of the Rajaji National country wide park, most well-known for its elephant population. Located at the Himalayan foothills, close to Haridwar, Rishikesh and Dehradun, with Ganga and Song rivers, flowing via it, the park is recognized for its scenic splendor and prosperous bio-diversity. A paradise for nature fanatics and natural world enthusiasts, the park is domestic to elephants, tigers, leopards, deers and ghorals, and a huge range of birds. In 1983, three sanctuaries in Uttarakhand – Rajaji, Motichur and Chilla – had been amalgamated into a giant blanketed place and named Rajaji National Park, in honour of freedom fighter and and first governor universal of India Late C Rajagopalachari; popularly recognized as “Rajaji”.

This region is the north-western restrict of Asian elephants. Spread over an vicinity of 820.42 sq km, Rajaji is a impressive ecosystem nestled in the Shivalik tiers at the begin of the full-size Indo–Gangetic plains, consequently representing vegetation of various wonderful zones and woodland types.

Wildlife in Rajaji National Park

The park is home to the Elephant, They widely found in park. Large part of elephant stayed in park

The park protects carnivores such as the Tiger under Project Tiger and the Leopard

Striped Hyena
The hyena is a carnivorous dog-like species of animal, native to parts of both Africa and Asia.

Safari in Rajaji National Park

To enjoy seeing animals in their natural habitat, experience the jungle safari at Rajaji National park. Tourists can venture out for jeep safaris in the designated tracks within the national park. Each jeep entering the park has to be accompanied by a guide and it’s most convenient to hire the jeeps from the Chilla gate of the park.

Best Time to Visit Rajaji National Park

The best time to visit Rajaji National park is from November to June. The park is closed during monsoon.   

How to Reach Rajaji National Park?

By Air : Jollygrant Airport, Dehradun is nearest and 21 kms away from Rajaji National Park. You can hire a taxi from the Airport to the park.

By Rail : Haridwar Railway Station is the nearest railway station from Rajaji national park. You have to take a cab to cover the remaining 21 kms.

By Road :

Rajaji National park can be reached by buses or cabs. Rajaji National Park is near to the major cities of Uttarakhand. 

  • Haridwar:- 43 km
  • Rishikesh:-14 km
  • Dehradun:- 21 km
  • Delhi:- 223 km

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