Dudhwa National Park


Located in the middle of the verdant landscapes of the Terai region in Uttar Pradesh, India, Dudhwa National Park beckons with its fierce attractiveness and affluent biological diversity. Spread across 490 square kilometers, this pristine wilderness is a sanctuary for wildlife buffs and nature lovers. Home to under-threat species like the Royal Bengal Tiger and Indian Rhinoceros, Dudhwa presents an enthralling combination of lush green forests, peaceful wetlands, and a plethora of flora and fauna waiting to be explored

Established in 1958 as a wildlife sanctuary to safeguard the swamp deer (barasingha), Dudhwa was afterward pronounced a national park in 1977. Over the years, collaborative preservation efforts have helped the park thrive, leading to the conservative of various under-threat species such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Rhinoceros, and the evasive Indian leopard.

Variety of Flora and Fauna of the Park

Dudhwa National Park is home to a striking array of flora and fauna. Visitors can encounter magnificent Bengal tigers, elusive leopards, and the rare one-horned rhinoceros. Herds of barasingha, or swamp deer, graze the grasslands, while elephants and sloth bears roam the dense forests.

Bird watchers are in for a treat, as Dudhwa boasts over 450 bird species. The park’s wetlands and rivers attract migratory birds like the great white pelican, painted stork, and the endangered Bengal florican. Vivid kingfishers, eagles, and the graceful sarus crane can also be spotted.

Connectivity options

By Road:

Dudhwa National Park is well-connected to major cities and towns by road. The park is easily accessible via the Lucknow-Delhi highway, with regular bus services and private taxis available. From Lucknow, it takes approximately 5-6 hours to reach Dudhwa by road, covering a distance of around 250 kilometers.

By Rail:

For those traveling by train, the nearest railway station to Dudhwa National Park is Palia Kalan, just 10 kilometers away. Palia Kalan Railway Station is well-connected to major cities like Lucknow and Delhi, with regular trains operating on these routes. From the railway station, visitors can easily hire taxis or avail of local transport services to reach Dudhwa National Park in a short time.

By Air:

While there are no direct flights to Dudhwa National Park, the nearest airport is in Lucknow, approximately 250 kilometers away. Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow serves domestic and international flights, connecting major cities across India and abroad. From Lucknow, visitors can opt for road transport or book connecting flights to reach their final destination at Dudhwa National Park.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Dudhwa National Park is from November to May when the weather is enjoyable, and wildlife sightings are more common. The winter months (November to February) offer cool temperatures, making it idealistic for safaris and outdoor activities. On the other hand, the summer season (March to May) is impeccable for birdwatching as immigrant birds come to the park during this time for migration.

Best Tourist Places to Visit Near Dudhwa National Park

1. Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary:

Neighboring Dudhwa National Park, Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary is a sanctuary for wildlife lovers. Home to diversified plant life and animal life, including elephants, tigers, and gharials, it presents gripping safari adventures and facilities for birdwatching.

2. Sharda Barrage:

Positioned on the Sharda River, this engineering marvel presents scenic views and entertaining activities like boating and picnicking in between peaceful environment.

3. Surat Bhawan Palace:

A historical gem near Dudhwa, Surat Bhawan Palace showcases excellent architecture and serves as a space for the region’s royal heritage. Visitors can analyze its luxurious interiors and lush gardens.

4. Lakhimpur:

An attractive antique city infused with history and culture, Lakhimpur is splattered with temples, mosques, and archaeological sites. Explore its busy markets, taste local dishes, and submerge yourself in its dynamic environment.

Accommodation Options:

Dudhwa National Park gives a diversity of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s demand and allocation. From luxurious jungle resorts to comfortable forest lodges, visitors can select from a diversity of stay options that offer comfort and proximity to nature. Additionally, there are campsites available for those seeking more rustic expertise.

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